About Us

The family of Byrne descended from William Byrne (great great grandfather of the proprietor), William and his wife Bridget Bluet emigrated from Ireland during the potato famine in the 1850's. William fought as a Union soldier during the Civil War (had 21 children) and one of his son's Charles married Margaret Kelly. They had three sons (Charles contracted the mumps and became sterile) and one son Frederick (grandfather of proprietor) married Elizabeth Braun and had nine children - raising them on the family farm in East Windsor, NJ (next to Lee's Turkey Farm/now housing development). One of their sons Robert (father of proprietor Mark Byrne, and past Hightstown councilman) married Rosemary Diiorio and had 11 children. Rosemary's roots run deep in Hightstown - Rosemary's father Michael (one of thirteen children) fought in World War II. Rosemary's great grandfather (on her mother's side) John Ford was a Union soldier in the Civil War and his father a blacksmith/councilman in Hightstown in the early 1800's.

The family of Byrne are related to many of the families in the area - to name a close few:

The Conner's, McGinley's, Heffernan's, Fields, Hodul's, Setneska's, Larkins, Brauns, Diiorio, Ezell, Rubina's, Tabler, Dzuranko's Allens, Colvell, Wards, Rooney's, Lamb's, Pullen's, Bairds, O'Reilly, Barlow's, McGackin's, Feltman's, Blake, Broadhurst, Cranston, Benchivengo, Perdoni, Griegels, Lyons, Hager, Dratman, Griggs, Vanhandel, Rodgers, Schauer, Morgan, Taylor, Rosenberger, Freda, Kelty, Crawford, Griggs.

Pleased to Serve You,
Mark and Stacy Byrne and Family

Mark Jr. and wife Brianna (Augustine/son- 55th great grandchild of Rosemary Byrne) Maria, Nicholas, Bridget, Anne, Bridget, Patrick, Rosemary, Margaret, and Robert - the 74th grandchild of Robert and Rosemary.

Let us share with you a short history of the Byrne Cafe and Building.

The building was built in the 1800's as a lumber yard by Harry and Charles Field (of whom 2 Byrne sisters married descendants of). It is currently owned by Wilson Property Management - the Wilson family has owned this building and many others surrounding since 1964. The Byrne Cafe and Deli has a long term lease. Byrne Brothers Construction, Inc. renovated the building (Pt and 2nd floors).

The cafe/ice cream parlor and 2nd floor event space were created to serve the local area in a family/fun and creative way.

The Byrne Family along with our very close friends the Barakat family, and the staff /team welcome all. We are just beginning what is sure to be an exciting and fun future.

We honor all of our ancestors,
We honor our country and town,
We honor our family,
And now we extend our honor to you our guests!
Please let us serve you!

  • Byrne Cafe Deli
  • 117 Ward Street, Hightstown, NJ 08520
  • 609-443-1777
  • 609-448-1200 (Fax)
  • Cafe Open:
    Monday and Saturday 7am - 4pm
    Tuesday - Friday: 7:00am - 7:30pm
    Sunday: Closed
Byrne Cafe and Deli